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EMP Working Group

The establishment of the Environmental Monitoring Programme Working Group (EMP-WG)was conceived following the conclusion of the Donor supported Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) Environmental Monitoring Programme (EMP). The Concluding Workshop that endedSida support to the ZRA EMP was held on 16th – 17th December 2002 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

In proposing the establishment of the EMP–WG, the Workshop Participants (Stakeholders) took cognizance of the achievements that were made on the objectives of the EMP in respect of:

  • The Zambezi River Authority Environmental Policy and Strategy
  • The physical-chemical Water Quality Monitoring Programme
  • The Biological Monitoring Programme
  • The Water Hyacinth Control and Management Plan for Lake Kariba

The EMP–WG, comprising institutions from Zambia and Zimbabwe, was established through theMemorandum of Understanding (MoU), as agreed by the Parties. The Stakeholders agreed to collaborate, through the EMP-WG, in spearheading the implementation of issues of common interest in the management of Lake Kariba andthe Zambezi River bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe.The EMP-WG is a platform for information exchange, advocacy for the enforcement of existing water quality guidelines and provision of technical input to all future environmental initiatives in the Kariba Catchment.