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Zambia’s Annual Energy Generation Expands 11.4% in Q1:2018

energy generation
13 July 2018

Energy generation in Africa’s second largest copper producer, Zambia expanded 11.4% year on year in Q1 of 2018 according to a half year report on Zambia issued by NKC African Economics. This was on account of improved rainfall that saw most water bodies that support hydroelectric power generation such as the Kariba. The electricity and gas sector expanded by 11.4% y-o-y in 2018 Q1, compared to 22.6% y-o-y in 2017 Q4 and 25.6% y- o-y one year earlier. Energy generation improved substantially during H1:2017. The Kariba dam is now 86% (486.9metres) full according to the Zambezi River Authority compared to a level of 56%  (483.17m) one year earlier and a meagre 29% two years ago.

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