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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

To encapsulate safety, professionalism and respect in harnessing the water resource for socio-economic development, exhibiting integrity through honesty.

Our Vision

To be the model organisation in dam and water resources management in the Zambezi river basin.

Our Values

In order to assist employees to internalise these core values, an acronym for the values [Safety (S), Honesty (H), Integrity (I), Professionalism (P) and Respect (Re)] called SHIPRe was devised.

  • Safety - Protection anchored on care, wellness, health and peace of mind.
  • Honesty - Trust premised on accountability and transparency.
  • Integrity - Fairness encompassing justice as well as responsibility.
  • Professionalism - Innovation for adaptability rooted in diligence, commitment, communication and self-improvement.
  • Respect - Love for teamwork and family with empathy.