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Our Value Aligning Activities

Our Value Aligning Activities

  • Fairness
  • All recruitment and promotion to be affected by following outlined corporate procedures
  • Same standards apply to all employee grievances in terms of the grievances procedure
  • Even-handedness in the exercise of socio support
  • Impartiality in the treatment of employee nationals from both countries
  • Gender equality
  • ZRA corporate culture to supersede national culture
  • Impartial dealings with all our stakeholders


  • Objective reporting
  • Being accountable for all our actions
  • Communicating all critical decisions throughout the hierarchy
  • Access to relevant authority documents
  • Exchange of information across all functions
  • Hold objective driven inter-departmental meetings


  • Being law abiding
  • Keeping promises
  • Being promises
  • Being truthful in all our dealing
  • Being disciplined
  • Adhere to corporate governance principles being ethical and reliable


  • Being courteous
  • Praise effort and talent
  • Having regard for all people
  • To be able to admit mistakes
  • Respect the right to others’ views and opinions

Healthy and Safety

  • A clean and healthy work station
  • Provide and usage of Personal Protective Equipment
  • For emergencies, i.e. first aid kits
  • Encourage healthy habits and regular medical check-ups
  • Encourage regular HIV/AIDS tests
  • Observe health and safety policies
  • To attend regular disaster responses drills


  • Supporting each other through mentoring
  • Encourage the use of first names
  • Being open to innovation
  • Customer service excellence
  • Meeting the requirements of the job