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Dam Safety



Dam safety Monitoring consists of measurements of parameters which define the state of the structure and provide timely information on the behaviour of the dam complex. Visual surveillancesare conducted at regular intervals to look for symptoms that might warn of a developing failure.

An array of instruments are installed at strategic locations of the dam to monitor movements, stresses, deformations and discharges.

Geodetic Surveys are carried out periodically and these comprise Traverse, Triangulation and Levelling.


Routine inspections provide information for routine maintenance work which is carried out periodically on the dam and its appurtenances. Works to stabilise the South Bank have been carried out and they include drilling of drainage adits, surface sealing of the South Bank slope and ground reprofiling.

Flood Gates

The spillway comprises six sluices each equipped with a caterpillar gate furnished with an electric programmable logical control hoist mechanism that provides safety in the operation of each gate.

Stilling Pool

The stilling pool is located below the spillway and serves to dissipate energy from the spillway discharge.